Churches In Haiti

Below are the main Christian denominations. Many host annual mission trips. Please contact churches directly for mission trips plans and sistership/ collaboration programs.

    • Catholic: ~7M

    • Baptist: ~520K

    • Seventh Day Adventist:~400K

    • Pentecostal/ Church of God:~340K

    • Nazarene:~ 260K

    • Episcopal/Anglican:~180K, ~100 churches

    • Methodist/Wesleyan:~70K

    • Lutheran: ~44K

    • Church of Christ:~15K

    • Mennonite

    • Salvation Army

Below is a breakdown of percentage religious affiliation in Haiti according to a survey by the Haitian Government's Planning Ministry.

AR=Artibonite; CE= Centre; GA & NI= Grand'Anse & Nippes; ND= Nord; NE= Nord-Est

NO= Nord-Ouest; SD= Sud; OU= Ouest; SE= Sud-Est;

Source: Haiti Ministry of Foreign Affairs and Religious Affairs Survey